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DIY Door Couch

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I've been slowly adding details to our new craft and kid rec room. We have many areas of our room and one area that I am concentrating on now is the sitting area. This room is a space where I envision my kids and I creating and hanging out together.

I had this idea for a couple years now. So I was glad I finally had the space to finally do it. :) With the help of my handy hubby we created our own Door Couch just for this space!

I have a lot of old doors. I love them. I see one and want to take them home. LOL I scored some very cheap doors a couple years which turned out to be about a $2 a piece. That is a big bargain on old doors!

For the construction of the couch, we used 3 doors. One of the doors my hubby cut down in half to make the sides.

To attach it all together, we used pieces of scrap wood, mostly 2x4's.
We screwed one on the back.

And a couple pieces on the sides. These pieces are what the bottom door will sit on. It provides enough support for the weight of the door and people to actually sit on it.

We also put a piece of scrap wood in each corner on the inside for more support.

We then screwed all the doors together.

We purposely set the back door up a little bit to have a more 'couch' look.

I painted the door an off white. See, you don't see all the scrap wood when it's all painted and put together.

The actual couch construction, including the mattress box spring was free to make for us. These were items we had hanging around the house. The pillows I used were pillows I had all around the house as well. :)

The expenses I had was a piece of foam to go over the box spring, the cream blanket, pillow cases and fabric.

Painting the door was very quick to do actually. I love the distressed and worn look, so I purposely painted not a 100% of the surface. I didn't even have to sand or use stain to give it an aged look. The old doors had a wonderful old and crackly surface to start with.

I even left the door knob on.

And some hinges.

This room is our bright and cheery room. If you remember, I let my 8 year old pick the vivid turquoise wall color. Accent colors in the space are red, green, and yellow.

I used affordable pillow cases from Wal-Mart for the standard size pillows I had.

I also had pillow forms that I scored for $1 at a garage sale (They came from a clean house and pre bed bug scares...). So I splurged on some fun fabrics at Hobby Lobby. And yes, don't fall over, I sewed some envelope pillow covers for them! There was a lot of cussing, but I did it and I'm so proud of myself! If you know me, I don't sew.

We just love our new couch! Who knew how easy it was to create some furniture on a budget?!!

Just a few more details to finish to reveal the entire room to you. Stay tuned!

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